About the Test

Vectra Cardiovascular Risk incorporates a personalized assessment of inflammation in order to provide patients with RA their cardiovascular (CV) risk in the next 3 years.

Vectra and Vectra Cardiovascular Risk can help you and your doctor

Work with your doctor to learn more about your heart health and ask if you are a candidate for the Vectra Cardiovascular Risk Test.

Talk to your doctor about reducing your CV risk, and about utilizing Vectra to monitor your levels of inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis (RA), with the goal of reaching the lowest possible level of disease activity. The most comprehensive RA assessment combines information from you, your doctor, and Vectra providing insight into your RA and CV risk.

Find a Provider

We have compiled a directory of healthcare providers who have ordered Vectra tests within the last six months. The directory was created to help you find a provider in your area that uses the Vectra test when treating rheumatoid arthritis patients.

How to Get the Test

Step 1

Your doctor will determine if you qualify for Vectra CV Risk, and may add Vectra CV Risk to your Vectra order for you

Step 2

One tube of blood is collected for both Vectra and Vectra CV Risk at your doctor’s office, a local lab, a LabCorp® patient service center, or by an appropriate certified professional

Step 3

Your blood sample is sent to our lab for analysis

Step 4

Your doctor receives your Vectra and Vectra Cardiovascular Risk Results in approximately 5-7 calendar days

Step 5

You may access your results at the myVectra patient portal after your doctor has reviewed your results or at your next doctor appointment


Your Vectra Cardiovascular Risk is included with your Vectra test. To learn more about the affordability of Vectra, visit VectraScore.com.

You are being redirected to VectraScore.com. Any provider that can order Vectra may add Vectra Cardiovascular Risk to qualifying patients’ Vectra Test.


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Vectra Cardiovascular Risk Clinical Data
Vectra Clinical Data


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