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What Happens Now?

  1. In a few days, you will receive your lab kit from Vectra.
  2. Set a time to obtain patient blood sample per specimen collection and processing instructions.
  3. Ship serum specimen and requisition form overnight to Crescendo Bioscience using the postage-paid Vectra specimen collection kit.
  4. Vectra test results will be available approximately 5-7 calendar days from shipment to Crescendo Bioscience. Results are returned by fax, mail or via the VectraView portal.

Insurance coverage

Medicare – Medicare fully covers Vectra with no copayment or deductible. Medicare patients have access to at least two Vectra tests per year.

Vectra is a covered benefit with Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans may require a copay.

Private Insurance – Patients with private insurance who cannot afford their copays, deductibles, or other out-of-pocket costs related to the test may be eligible for assistance through our CARE program.

  • Only Crescendo Bioscience has the ability to bill your patients directly, so if your patient owes anything, Crescendo Bioscience will send them a bill. The insurance company will not send your patient a bill for Vectra.
  • Your patient may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from their insurance company, a statement provided regarding the claim we submitted for the test. Crescendo Bioscience may be identified as the test provider on the EOB. Please note: the EOB is not a bill. The balance due that is shown on an EOB may not accurately reflect the actual amount your patient owes, as it does not indicate financial assistance they may receive or other adjustments to what is owed.

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Vectra Cardiovascular Risk Clinical Data
Vectra Clinical Data


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